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Application notes & examples

From application videos to application examples and application notes, this section will give you an impression on how our measuring devices and techniques are applied in science and industry. Furthermore you can find comprehensible descriptions of important terminology and measuring techniques in our knowledge base and a comprehensive list of well quoted literature. Information on measurements according to various international standards can be found in our collection of standards.

Application videos

Here you can find our application videos. They contain short examples of how our products can be applied.

Water Adhesion on Plant Leaves

Water Roll-off

Automated Surface Energy Determination

Basic tensiometry using a Du Noüy ring

Spinning Drop Tensiometer

Picoliter dosing system PDDS

MultiScan introduction video

Application examples

Our own customers can give you the best impression on how to use our measuring instruments successfully in industry and research. In the following you will find a few examples of publications that were made possible with the help of our measurement technique.

Extending the limits of EOR surfactant research

Foam flooding - extending the limits of EOR

How the OCA can help the fight against cancer

How tensiometric measurements can improve battery technology

How the OCA can help develop fuel cells

How nature can inspire the development of new humidity and temperature controlled actuators

How a picolitre dosing system can help develop volatile surfactants

How zeta potential measurements can help to clean your clothes

Suppressing the coffee ring effect to fabricate asymmetric supraparticles

Application notes

We offer a selection of application notes, which contain information about exemplary applications of our measurement instruments. For a much broader selection of literature about interfacial chemistry please refer to our literature list.

Application notes related to the OCA series

Application notes related to the DCAT series

Application notes related to the SVT series

Application notes related to the MultiScan series

Application note


Finding a reliable source of complementary knowledge may be key to the success of your projects. However, an individual cannot be expected to have all relevant application information at his/her fingertips. Hence, DataPhysics Instruments provides a selection of popular colloid and surface science literature. Moreover, we offer a substantial list of surface tensions of liquids and surface energies of solids as downloadable PDF.

Surface tensions/energiesfile_download

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