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  • 26th March 2019

    Topview contact angle measurement – now even on smallest surface areas

    With the picoliter dosing system PDDS and a new, special topview measuring system from DataPhysics Instruments it is now for the first time possible to measure contact angles in topview automatically even on smallest surface areas, using the optical contact angle measuring systems of the OCA series. Hence, wettability and surface energies of, for example, individual paths and contacts of printed circuit boards can be studied – even when the side view needed for conventional contact angle measurement is obstructed.

    Make an appointment now with our Applications Center and experience first-hand how your very own surface chemistry questions are answered. No matter how small and demanding your samples – we from DataPhysics Instruments accept the challenge and will tailor you an optimal solution.

    DataPhysics Instruments USA Applications Center
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    Topview contact angle measurements with picoliter drops on the measuring positions

  • 17th Sep. 2018

    OCA 200 is a finalist for the 2018 R&D 100 award

    Our contact angle measuring and drop contour analysis system for microscopic and macroscopic structures OCA 200 is a finalist for the 2018 R&D 100 award. The R&D 100 award is one of the most prestigious scientific innovation awards in the USA and is awarded annually.

    The smallest drops of highly volatile liquids can be dosed with our dosing systems for microstructures and analyzed using the trendsetting optics and high resolution camera of the OCA 200. Hence, groundbreaking wettability studies in surface science are now possible. Substrates can include anything from a macroscopic silicon wafer to the microscopic mesh structure of a coronary stent. Even the wettability of the tiniest screw threads of a dental implant or a single carbon fiber can now be accurately measured.

    The winners of the R&D 100 award will be announced during the R&D 100 conference on the 15th and 16th of November 2018.

    OCA 200 R and D 100 finalist
  • 1st Aug. 2018

    Redesign of the DataPhysics Instruments internet presence

    The completely redesigned internet presence of DataPhysics Instruments guarantees a modern and fast information platform for our visitors.

    Due to the incorporation of modern internet technologies our sites will load faster than ever before and will look great on any device size. So no matter if you visit us on the go from your smartphone or from your office with your desktop computer we can provide you with a clean, easy to use and fast experience.

    We hope you enjoy your visit on our website and are happy to help you in understanding interfaces.

    DataPhysics Instruments Homepage redesign
  • 27th June 2018

    DataPhysics Instruments expands to the United States

    As the leading manufacturer of high quality and innovative measurement equipment within the field of surface and interfacial science, DataPhysics Instruments has recently founded a new subsidiary company in Charlotte, North Carolina, to better serve the surface chemistry market in the United States and Canada.

    With Bob Fidler as the responsible Executive Vice President, our prospective and existing customers will benefit from even better local technical support and service. In the new U.S. headquarter, our complete instrument portfolio is available for demonstration including the optical contact angle measuring and contour analysis systems of the OCA series, the dynamic contact angle measuring devices and tensiometer of the DCAT series, the spinning drop tensiometers of the SVT series as well as the dispersion stability testing device MS 20 and humidity generators of the HGC series.

    With our new location just a quick five-minute drive from Charlotte Douglas International Airport, DataPhysics Instruments USA Corp. is easily reachable - either for a personal demonstration of our equipment or to participate in one of our instructional training courses to learn all the functionalities of our devices, enabling you to get the most out of your DataPhysics Instruments instrumentation.

    We can now also perform local lab testing of samples to determine the appropriate analysis method to meet your needs. For larger groups we also can conduct seminars directly at the customer site, covering both measurement theory and practical components. For more details, please check out our website and feel free to contact us. We will gladly consult with you to find the proper solution for your specific surface chemistry challenge.


    place4424 Taggart Creek Road,  Suite 102,  Charlotte, NC 28208, USA
    Contact:  Bob Fidler
    phone +1 704 777 9063
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    Bob Fidler, Executive Vice President of DataPhysics Instruments USA Corp.

  • 25th Aug. 2017

    New contact angle measuring system for macroscopic and microscopic structures

    The OCA 200 is the new model of the OCA series for contact angle measurements on large areas as well as on micro-structured samples. With the trendsetting 10-fold high performance zoom optics and the reliable automatic optic alignment for autofocus and observation angle, the OCA 200 is well equipped for any sample size.

    Exchanging additional ancillary lenses, like with the predecessor OCA 100 / 100Micro has become unnecessary, due to the extended zoom range of the optics. Hence, with the motorized sample table and the autofocus, measuring procedures can be automated easily and surface properties, like the wetting behavior, the surface energy or the work of adhesion can be analyzed e.g. across the whole surface of a silicon wafer at the push of a button.

    A simple rotation of the zoom ring on the optics is enough to enable the analysis of microscopic structures like the mesh of a coronary stent and with the picoliter dosing system PDDS even contact angles on individual wires of the stent can be measured.

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    OCA 200 with DDE/4
  • 1st Aug. 2017

    20 years of DataPhysics Instruments

    True to the motto “Understanding interfaces”, DataPhysics Instruments GmbH has started 20 years ago today to tackle its task to help researchers in science and industry, around the globe, to understand interfaces. With a lot of commitment, enthusiasm, and creativity the small team of just seven visionaries started to develop highly beneficial, trendsetting measuring devices, working in close cooperation with those investing in the technology.

    20 Years DataPhysics Instruments

Fairs & conferences

  • up next
    • 16th - 18th Oct. 2019


      The POWTEX OSAKA takes place at the INTEX Osaka in Osaka, Japan. DataPhysics Instruments will be represented by EKO INSTRUMENTS CO., LTD.

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    • 20th - 23rd Oct. 2019

      34th WCS

      The 34th Biennial Western Coatings Symposium & Show takes place at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Convention Centre in Las Vegas (NV), USA. DataPhysics Instruments will be present at the exhibition.

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    • 23rd - 25th Oct. 2019

      SEPAWA Congress 2019

      The SEPAWA Congress 2019 takes place at the Estrel Congress and Exhibition Center in Berlin, Germany. DataPhysics Instruments will be present at the exhibition.

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      WTK 2019
    • 29th - 30th Oct. 2019

      The IJC 2019

      The 6th European edition of The Inkjet Conference takes place at Crowne Plaza Düsseldorf-Neuss in Neuss, Germany. DataPhysics Instruments will be present at the exhibition.

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      The IJC 2019
    • 1st - 6th Dec. 2019

      2019 MRS Fall Meeting

      The 2019 Fall Meeting of the Materials Research Society takes place at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston (MA), USA. DataPhysics Instruments will be present at the exhibition.

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  • more
    • 14th - 16th Nov. 2019

      Food Ingredients China 2019

      The Food Ingredients China 2019 takes place in Guangzhou, China. DataPhysics Instruments will be represented by Beijing Dataphys Instruments Co. Ltd.

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      FIC 2019
    • 4th - 6th Dec. 2019

      Coating Japan

      The Coating Japan takes place at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan. DataPhysics Instruments will be represented by EKO INSTRUMENTS CO., LTD.

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      Coating Japan

Seminar & training day dates

  • 13th - 14th Nov. 2019

    Seminar with theory & practice

    In our seminar “Modern Measurement Techniques for Surface Chemistry” we provide you compactly, within two days, with an overview over different methods and measurement techniques used to analyze surfaces and interfaces. A well-balanced mixture between practically oriented theory and examples of application is guaranteed.

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  • 19th Nov. 2019

    Training day – Optical contact angle measurement & drop shape analysis

    Hands-on trainings:

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    Training Day OCA
  • 20th Nov. 2019

    Training day – Tensiometry

    Hands-on trainings:

    • measurement of surface and interfacial tension with various test bodies
    • determination of the critical micelle concentration (CMC)
    • dynamic contact angles on plates and fibers according to the Wilhelmy and Washburn method respectively
    • surface energy determination
    • density determination of solids and liquids
    • adhesive force measurements

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    Training Day DCAT