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God made the bulk, surfaces were invented by the devil. - Wolfgang Pauli (1900 - 1958) Nobel laureate in Physics

Pauli’s quote illustrates that the analysis of surfaces and interfaces is quite a challenging task. True to our motto Understanding interfaces, DataPhysics Instruments has been meeting this challenge since 1997 and providing researchers in science and industry, around the globe, with highly specialised, application targeted measuring instruments.

With our extensive portfolio of measuring devices and complementing accessories as well as our well equipped application centre we ensure that everyone has access to the necessary instrumentation to look the devil in the face. Last but not least our seminars and knowledge database guarantee an easy to grasp knowledge transfer so you are able to understand interfaces as well as we do.

Understanding Interfaces - Where others regard interfaces as a mystery, we provide clarity

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26th of March 2019

Topview contact angle measurement – now even on smallest surface areas

With the picolitre dosing system PDDS and a new, special topview measuring system from DataPhysics Instruments it is now for the first time possible to measure contact angles in topview automatically even on smallest surface areas, using the optical contact angle measuring systems of the OCA series.

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17th of September 2018

OCA 200 is a finalist for the 2018 R&D 100 award

Our contact angle measuring and drop contour analysis system for microscopic and macroscopic structures OCA 200 is a finalist for the 2018 R&D 100 award.

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3rd - 5th of June 2019

CESIO 2019

The CESIO World Surfactant Congress takes place at the Infinity Hotel in Munich, Germany.

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4th - 5th of June 2019

Sink or Swim 2019

The 62nd annual technical symposium Sink or Swim 2019 of the Cleveland Coatings Society takes place at the Cleveland Airport Marriott in Cleveland (OH), USA.

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4th & 5th of June 2019

Training days

  • Optical contact angle measurement & drop shape analysis
  • Tensiometry

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