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DataPhysics Instruments offers a wide range of measuring devices for the analysis of the chemical and physical properties of surfaces and interfaces. The measuring devices are complemented by an extensive array of accessories and extensions. Hence, tailor-made combinations of measuring device and accessories can easily take on your individual surface and interfacial measuring challenges.

OCA – Optical contact angle measuring and contour analysis systems

OCA 200 with DDE/4 and four ESr-N

The optical analysis of drops that hang from a dosing needle or are placed on a solid surface facilitates the determination of different surface and interfacial parameters.

The optical contact angle measuring and contour analysis systems of the OCA series combine high resolution optics, exact liquid dosing and precise sample positioning into powerful and reliable measuring systems.

Application focus

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PCA – Portable Contact Angle Goniometer

The PCA 200 portable contact angle goniometer is ideal for quality control of solid surfaces during the production process.

The PCA 200 portable contact angle goniometer from DataPhysics Instruments is a hand-held device for the non-destructive measurement of the surface energy of solid surfaces of any size. The PCA 200 can be used completely autonomously and wirelessly - the measurement result is immediately displayed on the device screen. Its lightweight design and intuitive user interface make it the ideal tool for analysing surfaces in production and quality control.

Application focus

  • quick, non-destructive measurement of surface energy on solid surfaces of any size
  • autonomous, hand-held device with touchscreen for on-site measurements, for example, in quality control or directly in production processes
  • automatic, one-click surface energy determination in seconds and direct visualisation of the result on the device display
  • simultaneous dosing of two drops with the test liquids water and diiodomethane

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DCAT – Dynamic Contact Angle measuring devices and Tensiometer

DCAT 25 with electrical temperature control unit TEC 250/DCAT

The dynamic contact angle measuring instruments and tensiometers of the DCAT series are multi-functional instruments for the force-based measurement of various surface and interfacial properties like surface tensions, critical micelle formation concentration, adhesion or surface pressure. A wide range of test bodies and sample holders as well as specific upgrade modules are available for the different measuring methods. Based on a well-established and accepted measuring technique and utilising state-of-the-art weighing technology, the highest precision and reproducibility of the measured results is guaranteed.

Application focus

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MBP – Bubble Pressure Tensiometer

MBP 200

The MBP 200 bubble pressure tensiometer can determine the dynamic surface tension using the maximum bubble pressure method.

The MBP 200 bubble pressure tensiometer from DataPhysics Instruments is a powerful measuring system which can be used to determine the dynamic surface tension. To do so, the MBP 200 generates gas bubbles in the liquid to be analysed. This makes the MBP 200 bubble pressure tensiometer ideal for analysing liquids, such as surfactant solutions, in a wide dynamic range.

Application focus

  • determine the dynamic surface tension of liquids using the maximum bubble pressure method
  • measure at temperatures between -15 °C and 135 °C using optional thermostatting devices
  • generate high pressures of up to 3400 Pascal, allowing the analysis of highly viscous liquids
  • analyse dynamic surface tensions for different surface ages as a function of the concentration, for example of a surfactant solution, using the optional LDU 25 liquid dosing unit

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SVT – Spinning drop Video Tensiometer

SVT 25

The Spinning drop video tensiometers of the SVT series are compact optical measuring instruments for the determination of low to ultra-low interfacial tensions and rheological interface properties. Powerful device components like automated camera positioning, a precision drive and temperature-controlled measuring chambers guarantee accurate and reproducible measurement results. Convenient fast-exchange capillaries and an intuitive control via the TP 50 control panel ensure flexible sample handling and easy operation.

Application focus

  • measurement of low to ultra-low interfacial tension, e.g. for microemulsions used in enhanced oil recovery (EOR)
  • interfacial rheology

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MS – MultiScan dispersion stability analysis system

MS 20 with six ScanTower

The MultiScan MS 20 is the measuring device for the automatic optical stability and aging analysis of liquid dispersions, in particular suspensions and emulsions, and the comprehensive characterisation of time- and temperature-dependent destabilisation mechanisms.

Application focus

  • optical stability and aging analysis of liquid dispersions
  • determination of destabilisation mechanisms
  • determination of sedimentation and creaming rates
  • analysis of particle merging and clustering

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ZPA – Zeta Potential Analyzer

Zeta Potential Analyzer ZPA 20

The Zeta Potential Analyzer ZPA 20 is a compact measuring instruments that utilises the patented bidirectional oscillating streaming potential method. It is designed to measure the zeta potential of various macroscopic solid samples with highest accuracy and within shortest time. With its powerful stepping motor and innovative method, the ZPA 20 can measure zeta potential values in less than a minute and with high statistical quality.

Application focus

  • Measurement of Zeta potential on plate shaped solids, fibres, powders and granulate materials
  • Determination of the isoelectric point
  • Adsorption kinetics of surfactants, polymers, etc.

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HGC – Humidity Generator and Controller

Humidity Generator and Controller HGC 30

The humidity generators of the HGC series allow for a reliable control of the relative humidity, in the range of 5 % to 90 %, inside of small measuring chambers. The humidity generators and controllers of the HGC series work as stand-alone devices and are combinable with various laboratory devices and chambers of other manufacturers. In addition, the HGC series is available as an OEM product.

Application focus

  • investigation of humidity dependent processes
  • usable with measuring chambers from DataPhysics Instruments or other suppliers
  • humidity control for material analysis systems like: AFM, DMA, IMC, NIR, TGA, TMA, XRD, etc.

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SPA – Surface Profile Analyzer

Surface Profile Analyzer SPA 25

The Surface Profile Analyzer SPA 25 can measure surface topography and roughness parameters with exceptional speed and resolution.

Application focus

  • visualisation and analysis of surface topography with down to 0.1 nm height resolution
  • evaluation of surface roughness according to various industry standards like ISO 25178, ISO 4287, ISO 13565, ISO 16610, etc.

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