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Today many innovative products are based on the understanding of surface and interfacial phenomena and of the associated physico-chemical properties of the material. Two examples are water-repelling wall paint and functional surfaces. Hence, in many industries it has become an essential part of the R&D activities to characterise the properties of surfaces and interfaces.

DataPhysics Instruments is a leading manufacturer offering high-end measuring instruments for studying interfaces and surfaces. However, not only do we provide excellent tools, we also help you use them in the optimal way. For this purpose we offer a diverse range of advanced trainings.

In the following you find more information on our practice-oriented seminars, and on our webinars. Furthermore you can find comprehensible descriptions of important terminology and measuring techniques in our knowledge base.

As experts in the field of interfacial measuring techniques we are keen to share our knowledge with you. After all our motto is not an empty promise:

Understanding Interfaces

We are glad to help you with this matter!

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Our webinars give you the opportunity to learn from our knowledge on surface measuring techniques without additional cost and from wherever you are. In order to attend one of our webinars you only require about one hour of time and a device with a modern browser and internet access, no matter if you're using your computer in the office or your tablet on your couch at home. Just sign up for one of our upcoming webinar dates.


Webinar dates & sign up

Modern measurement techniques for surface chemistry (≈25 min)

General introduction to surface science and properties such as surface tension and interfial tension, wetting behaviour, and surface energy. Different measurement techniques like optical methods and force based methods are being presented.

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Optical methods —  for determining surface and interfacial tension contact angles and surface energies (≈45 min)

In depth look into optical drop shape analysis. The drop shape analysis based on the pendant and sessile drop methods is introduced and advanced examples of measurements under various conditions and on challenging surfaces are presented.

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MultiScan technique —  for analyzing the stability of dispersions (≈35 min)

In depth look into optical stability and aging analysis of a variety of multi-phase dispersions, in particular suspensions and emulsions. The MultiScan technique is introduced and advanced analysis examples of different dispersions are presented.

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In our practice oriented seminar Modern Measurement Techniques for Surface Chemistry we provide you compactly, within two days, with an overview over different methods and measurement techniques used to analyse surfaces and interfaces. This benefits beginners and experienced users alike. Take the opportunity to broaden your horizon and learn about new developments and alternate methods or to discuss your procedure with our experts.

Our seminar is aimed at everybody who wants to get an overview of the state-of-the-art measurement techniques for surface analysis. No matter if you are already working in the field and want to discuss your methods with our experts, or if you are interested in how your surface chemistry questions could be approached – in our seminar you benefit by extending your fundamental knowledge and by learning how to practically deal with applied experimental aspects.

The seminar fee is 250,- € plus VAT, for students reduced to 190,- € plus VAT, and covers seminar documentation, snacks and drinks during breaks, lunch and the seminar dinner on the evening of the first seminar day. As an early bird you can book the seminar for the students fee and safe 24% if you register until 2 months before the seminar.

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Seminar participant discussing with DataPhysics Instruments expert

Seminar dates

Since it is currently unknown when we can again savely welcome larger groups to our seminars there are no dates planned for now. We welcome you to attend one of our webinars or contact us on individual device trainings and seminars that can be held online or in person with proper safety precautions.