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The SCA software, designed for Microsoft Windows®, is the modular program for all OCA instruments. The modern user interface is highly customizable and offers every user an individual and ideally suited overview during measurements. A software-integrated extensive database comprises important physical and chemical parameters of a multitude of liquids and solids.

The SCA software features recording and storing of movie sequences which allows for a controlled evaluation of even the fastest processes. Due to a newly developed automation dialogue the automated control of all electronic components becomes effortless. For example, an entire sample can be mapped automatically determining the surface energy with up to four liquids. The position of every drop can either be set according to predefined patterns or individually using the intuitive visual drop positioning function.

The SCA software is divided into the following separately available modules:

Automation dialogue with visual drop positioning

SCA 20 — contact angle

The SCA 20 module is the base software module that enables the measurement of contact angles.

Main features:

  • measurement and presentation of the static contact angle on plane, convex and concave surfaces according to the sessile drop and the captive drop method
  • automatic baseline detection on flat and curved surfaces
  • measurement of dynamic contact angles (advancing and receding angle, contact angle hysteresis) according to the needle-in-drop method and the tilting method

Contact angle measurement with SCA 20

SCA 21 — surface energy

With the SCA 21 software module the surface energy of solids can be determined by measuring multiple contact angles with different liquids.

Main features:

  • determination of the surface energy of solids as well as of its components (e.g. dispersive, polar and hydrogen bond parts, acid and base portions) according to nine different theories
  • calculation and representation of wetting envelopes and work of adhesion/ contact angle diagrams

Determination of the surface energy with SCA 21

SCA 22 — surface and interfacial tension

The SCA 22 software module enables the measurement of surface and interfacial tensions according to the pendant drop method.

Main features:

  • determination of the surface and interfacial tension, as well as of their polar and dispersive parts, based on the Young-Laplace evaluation of pendant drops

Surface tension measurement with SCA 22

SCA 23 — liquid bridge analysis

The SCA 23 software module together with corresponding test pieces and vessels enables the measurement of the surface and interfacial tension based on liquid lamellas.

Main features:

  • determination of the surface and interfacial tension based on the evaluation of the lamella contour
  • liquid bridge analysis of 3-phase systems

SCA 26 — oscillation and relaxation

In conjunction with systems that can create oscillating pendant drops the SCA 26 software module can determine surface and interfacial rheological parameters.

Main features:

  • determination of the real and the imaginary part of the interfacial dilatational modulus based on the contour of oscillating and relaxing pendant drops

SCA 27 — contact angle in topview

Using the Topview Video System TVS the SCA 27 software module can determine contact angles on surfaces that are viewed in topview.

Main features:

  • determination of the contact angle based on the drop radius analyzed in topview measurements and the drop volume

Topview measurement with SCA 27