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dpiMAX – The comprehensive software for contact angle goniometers of the OCA series
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dpiMAX – The comprehensive software for contact angle goniometers of the OCA series

dpiMAX is the innovative, and easy-to-use software companion for the optical contact angle goniometers and drop shape analysis systems of the OCA series.

dpiMAX helps you to
Measure your samples quickly,
Analyze the results easily and
Xplore your data intuitively.

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Intuitive software companion

The dpiMAX software makes measuring with OCA systems easier and more comfortable than ever before. The operator initially checks the device settings, then chooses the desired measurement method, and is ready to go. With a clearly structured user interface and descriptive graphical elements, dpiMAX guides the operator intuitively through the workflow of all measurements. The next step is always just one click away.

dpiMAX keeps the operator focused: the software only shows the necessary information for the task at hand. Hence, during a measurement, only the drop image and the results table are displayed, alongside a method-tailored control panel, which comprises exclusively the settings and device controls currently needed.

The software guides the operator through the measurement process and only shows the information necessary for the task at hand.

Instant drop image evaluation

Evaluating drop images with dpiMAX is quick, reliable, and convenient. As soon as a drop is dosed and hangs from the needle – and when it has been transferred onto the surface of the solid sample – dpiMAX automatically recognizes the drop shape. The software then instantly determines the pendant drop’s surface tension, or the sessile drop’s contact angle, and displays it in the live view window.

However, the live view mode is not the only option to analyze samples. The operator can always choose to record the entire measurement process from start to finish as a video. The video can be analyzed afterwards or stored for later use. This is especially useful when working with liquids which either evaporate or spread quickly. But even if the operator forgot to start the recording, the measurement is not lost – thanks to dpiMAX’s special Instant-Replay-function. The software always automatically saves the last seconds seen in the live view window and allows the operator to wind back if needed. Hence, an important moment can still be analyzed, even if it was initially missed.

With the Instant-Replay-function, the operator can rewind the live view, even if no recording was started beforehand.

Well-organized data storage

Whenever an operator measures a sample with dpiMAX, or performs an analysis, the data created is automatically and securely saved in a well-organized database. The operator can easily access it via the so-called Xplorer.

From the Xplorer, the operator can load previously generated results for graphical representation, for comparison, to add more measurements, or to perform further analyses. The operator can also open individual drop images for (re-)evaluation. Such a re-evaluation is made particularly easy with dpiMAX, since all measurement parameters are stored directly with the images. Of course, importing and exporting measurement and analysis data, images, and videos is also possible. A nice feature for visually presenting measuring results is the possibility to export images and videos including the software-generated evaluation lines and labels.

Smart and helpful functions

dpiMAX does not only accomplish basic duties, like controlling the measuring device and performing analysis algorithms, but also supports the operator with additional smart and helpful functions. dpiMAX is designed to smoothly guide the operator through the entire process of using the device and its accessories, which includes performing measurements, analyzing the measurement data, and reporting results.

Of course, the obtained results are always clearly and comprehensibly displayed. For example, the determined contact angle is shown in the drop image directly next to the respective three-phase-point. The surface energy analysis even includes an easy-to-read color-code. With the displayed color, the operator gets an immediate clear indication of the surface energy results’ robustness.

dpiMAX furthermore offers the operator smart suggestions to ensure the most reliable measurement results possible. Functions include, for example, reminders to provide necessary material specifications, and advice on suitable needles for interfacial tension measurements.

Additional measurements can be dragged into a surface energy evaluation and the easy-to-read color-code gives an immediate indication of the results’ robustness.

Simple operation and powerful options

dpiMAX is a software for everyone, no matter the experience level of the operator. Beginners are smoothly guided by the method-tailored control panels, which exclusively display the essential parameters and device controls. Experienced operators and scientists, on the other hand, will value the possibility to adjust various parameters, such as expert camera settings, when facing complex and demanding measuring situations.

Moreover, dpiMAX can run pre-defined procedures as simple one-click measurements, which supports especially operators having to conduct repetitive tasks. For instance, dosing multiple test liquids, measuring their contact angles, and calculating the surface energy can be done automatically with just one click.

Hence, dpiMAX satisfies the needs of many different operator groups: Quality control departments, which need to realize high throughput-rates, research labs exploring new materials’ properties, just as development engineers designing innovative products.

Pre-defined one-click measurements speed up the process of determining the surface energy significantly.

The software for your individual needs

dpiMAX is the software that suits your needs. Choose your preferred language, adjust the zoom of the user interface to fit your screen size perfectly, and select substances using the trivial names established in your laboratory. All this and much more is possible with DataPhysics Instruments’ innovative software.

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The software user interface is continuously zoomable to perfectly fit every screen size.