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Upgrade kits for old environmental chambers

The humidity generators and controller of the HGC series are designed to work perfectly with all optical contact angle measuring and contour analysis systems of the OCA series. All recent (from 2012) liquid and Peltier temperature control chambers (TFC 100Pro and TPC 160) from DataPhysics Instruments are already prepared to be used with a HGC.

All older (not prepared) temperature control chambers are easily convertible, for use with the HGC, by a new top cover:

  • UpTFC-HGC - Upgrade kit for an existing liquid temperature control unit TFC 100
  • UpTPC-HGC - Upgrade kit for an existing Peltier temperature control unit TPC 160


The humidity generators of the HGC series use two desiccant reservoirs. The reservoirs are used alternating and automatically regenerated via an integrated heating system. Despite the regeneration process the desiccant ages and should be replaced after a certain amount of usage. Hence, DataPhysics Instruments offers bottles with 700 ml molecular sieve for replacement.

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Desiccant for HGC