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Technical support

We take pride in the exceptionally high built quality of our instruments, that last for decades. Many of the instruments that have been built more than 20 years ago are still running flawlessly and are used daily by our customers.

All of our devices come with a 2-year warranty as standard, and our service department & international partners offer a wide range of services to ensure that your measuring system is always in top shape and generates reproducible results. A regular preventive maintenance can minimize the risk of system failure and costly down times. A validation by our service partners gives additional peace of mind that the system keeps generating measuring results up to specifications. With an optional maintenance agreement these costs are covered by a projectable fee.

Nevertheless, our systems are not indestructible and may fail with age, bad luck or accidents. In case of a failure our service team always strives to rapidly find the right solution for your problem, so you are up and running again as fast as possible. If you need help with your device please feel free to contact our support hotline, or send us a support request form.

Technical Support

Technical Support

Technical support hotline

You can reach our technical support staff by calling our hotline: phone +1 704 777 1348 .

Technical support request form

Contact our technical support staff using the following form. Please describe your technical problem as detailed as possible.

In addition to using our contact form you can also directly send a message to our service department using the following email address: mail_outlineservice@dataphysics-instruments.comIn order for us to help you as fast and efficient as possible, please provide as much information describing your technical issue, including the serial number of the main device.

PC remote support

If your PC is connected to the internet, we are often able to efficiently help you using a remote support software. Please consult your IT department on if you are allowed to use a remote support software. For the remote access we use TeamViewer QuickSupport, which you can download using the link below. Once the program is running, please communicate with our support technician and let him know the ID and password.