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Infomail December 2019

Dear Sir or Madam,

days become shorter and colder, the year 2019 draws to an end. Time to curl up with a hot cup of tea and some interesting reading… We warmly recommend you an insightful paper on wetting analysis in ink and print substrate development.

Also it’s joyful to look back on the year’s successes and accomplishments … DataPhysics Instruments, for example, expanded its product portfolio in 2019 by the new Surface Profile Analyzer SPA 25. Hence we can now offer you an additional tool for a detailed and comprehensive surface analysis.

Not least is it time to make plans for the upcoming year – which is to become just as good, and better, than the passing one… For this to happen, why not grant yourself some advanced training course?! We propose to you to take part in one of our seminars or in our new webinars in 2020! If, on top, you keep an eye on important aspects, like IT security, then nothing can go wrong.

With all this in mind, I wish you a peaceful, contented and promising end of the year 2019. Also I would like to take the opportunity to say THANK YOU for your interest in DataPhysics Instruments, our products, services and news reports! We were pleased to be there for you – and still are! Anytime until the final end of the year, just as, of course, further on in 2020…

With my best regards

Dr. Michaela Laupheimer
DataPhysics Instruments GmbH
Public Relations and Knowledge Transfer

Wetting analysis in ink and print substrate development

For a clear print image and minimal ink consumption ink and print substrate must be optimally adapted to each other. In this regard, wetting analysis is carried out already at early development stages. Martin Grüßer et al. discuss in their new Langmuir paper the influence of the volume of the dosed ink drop on the measured contact angle. They report that in case of structured and absorbing print substrates, like paper, it is important to work with picoliter small droplets, which are comparable to those in the final print process.

Read all details of this interesting study…

Additional comprehensive surfaces insights by means of profilometry

Automatically obtain 3-dimensional mappings of your surfaces with an outstanding height resolution of up to 0.1 nm and sizes of up to 300 mm × 300 mm.

The new Surface Profile Analyzer SPA 25 from DataPhysics Instruments makes it possible. Detect surface defects, visualize even smallest particle depositions or determine roughness parameters according to industrial standards. The latter can be used in combination with an OCA drop shape analysis system, e.g., to refine the surface analysis by the determination of roughness-corrected contact angles.

Learn more…

DataPhysics Instruments webinars on surface measurement techniques

True to our motto Understanding Interfaces we want to share our experience and our expert knowledge with you on miscellaneous channels. Hence, in addition to the seminars taking place in the DataPhysics Instruments Training Centre (28./29.04.20 (German) and 07./08.10.20 (English)), we will also offer you some online webinars on surface measurement techniques in the next year. Those let you refresh some basics and get to know new aspects and latest measurement techniques conveniently in your own office and with a small expenditure of time. Take your opportunity in 2020 and make use of our diverse advanced training offers!

More information, dates and a registration form are found on our website.

Securely into the future with latest software

On the 14th January 2020 Microsoft® will end the support for Windows 7. Hence, for a further secure operation you have to update your lab computers to Windows 10. To ensure a trouble-free transition to the new operating system you might also need a new software version for your DataPhysics Instruments device. Just get in touch with your DataPhysics Instruments contact person to find out if this is necessary in your case!

In any case you can profit of valuable new features and functions using the latest software for your measuring device… We will be happy to advice you.

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