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Application centre

DataPhysics Instruments runs a modern and extensively equipped application and training centre at its head office in Filderstadt near Stuttgart, Germany. Thus, interested persons and established customers have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and experience with advice from experienced DataPhysics Instruments product specialists.

Our application centre offers contract measurements and measurement days in which you have access to our wide range of measurement devices and accessories. We offer individual device trainings to ideally prepare your colleagues and you in the usage of our systems. Our training centre is specially equipped for various seminars. In our application notes and examples you can find information on exemplary application of our measuring devices and how they helped other customers.

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Application centre at DataPhysics Instruments headquarters

Contract measurements & measurement days

We will gladly perform contract measurements with all our measuring devices for you. Just send us your samples and we take care of the measurements in our lab and provide you with a report on the measured data. With contract measurements you receive results from measuring techniques that are not available to yourself, fast and hassle free.

In case you want to conduct measurements yourself on your sample and require our support with either measuring devices not available to you or our know-how you can come to our application centre for one or several measurement days. Here we have access to our wide product and accessory range and can find the matching measuring system for your task. Our experienced employees plan and perform the necessary measurements together with you. Of course the measuring plan can be designed to your liking and adjusted at any time. The opportunity of direct and continuous communication during a measurement day ensures a fast, productive advancement and reliable results even with complex tasks or samples that are hard to handle.

Contract measurement

Measuring properties & measuring methods

  • surface tension of liquids
  • interfacial tension between two liquids
  • static and dynamic contact angles
  • surface energy of solids
  • analysis of surface wettability
  • force of adhesion between liquids and surfaces
  • critical micelle formation concentration (CMC)
  • density of liquids and solids
  • sedimentation and penetration
  • surface pressure of monolayers & deposition with dip coater
  • surface and interfacial rheology parameters
  • stability and aging analysis of liquid dispersions
  • sedimentation and creaming rates
  • analysis of destabilisation mechanisms like particle merging and clustering
  • zeta potential of fibres, powders & plate shaped solid materials
  • 3D surface profile analysis & roughness determination

Measurements at the fringe of possibility

  • contact angle measurements with picolitre drops down to 30 pl
  • wetting analysis with high-speed cameras > 3000 frames/s
  • measurements at temperatures of -30 °C to 1800 °C
  • measurements at relative humidity ranging from 5% to 90%
  • measurements at pressures of 10-5 mbar to 750 bar
  • Surface and interfacial tension measurements ranging from 10-6 mN/m to 2000 mN/m
  • surface profiles with height resolution of down to 0.1 nm

Device trainings

Our individual device trainings are ideal to introduce you and your colleagues to the functions and possibilities of your newly acquired or long unused measuring device. Avoid a single-handed time consuming familiarization with your device. Instead let our experts help you to learn the proper and smart equipment use. Measurements will be done on your own samples and all the measuring methods that are relevant to you will be explained. This ensures that you are ideally prepared for working with your measuring device. The device training is tailor-made for your needs and can be done either in our application centre or at your site on your preferred date.

Device training

Send a request to the application centre

Contact our experts of the application centre. We are excited to discuss your projects with you.

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