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Infomail July 2019 – Hot summer

Dear Sir or Madam,

it’s summer time – and while fruit and corn ripen in the hot sun, people prefer to chill out in the cool shade. Use this time and have a look at our latest video! Here you will learn how adhesive force measurements help to secure a bountiful harvest…

Do you already have plans for the autumn? What about extending your knowledge in Modern Measurement Techniques for Surface Chemistry?! Then don’t miss our seminar on the 13th & 14th of November 2019!

More hot topics you can read about in this infomail are top-view contact angle measurements which thanks to new special microscopic optics are now feasible even on smallest areas, as well as the new International Journal of Wettability Science & Technology of our cooperation partner Dr David Waugh in which you can certainly find some interesting summer reading.

In any case, enjoy the sunny days – and maybe, for a change, inspect the contact angles of the pool water drops on your sunscreen-protected skin…

With best regards from Filderstadt, Germany.
Yours sincerely

Dr. Michaela Laupheimer
DataPhysics Instruments GmbH
Public Relations and Knowledge Transfer

Drop adhesion on plant leaves – studied with a tensiometer of the DCAT series

Plant protectants must adhere to the leaves they have been sprayed onto and should furthermore be well wetting. In the optimization process of such spray formulations adhesive force measurements with a tensiometer of the DCAT series can make a valuable contribution. See our latest video presenting this special method, which elegantly combines direct force measurement with optical image analysis!

Extend your knowledge on Modern Measurement Techniques for Surface Chemistry on the 13./14. Nov. 2019

DataPhysics Instruments offers once more its well-established practice-oriented seminar Modern Measurement Techniques for Surface Chemistry on the 13th & 14th of November 2019. Take this opportunity to get an overview of the different methods used to analyse surfaces and interfaces and get advice on your personal questions from our proven experts. Reserve yourself one of the remaining seats and register quickly via the registration form on our website, where you can also find some additional information.

Almost impossible but still measured: Contact angles on smallest areas with obstructed side-view via special top-view microscopic optics

The wetting behaviour of areas which are not observable from the side due to surrounding components can only be studied by top-view contact angle measurements. Thanks to the picolitre dosing system PDDS and new special microscopic optics from DataPhysics Instruments these measurements are now for the first time also possible on smallest areas, such as the conductor paths or single contacts on printed circuit boards. Find out more…

Reading about latest research in the field of wettability science and technology – in the new IJWST

Our cooperation partner Dr David Waugh, Assistant Professor at Coventry University, UK, is the editor-in-chief of the new International Journal of Wettability Science & Technology (IJWST). There is free online access to all papers of the first issue. Here you can read, e.g., about highly wettable surfaces that possess small contact angles and, at the same time, small sliding angles which is preferable with regard to self-cleaning properties. We wish you interesting new insights!

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